OpenSauced | Insights

OpenSauced | Insights
Aug, 2022 - Jan, 2024 (74 weeks)


OpenSauced is a platform that provides significant insights about open source projects. It's a platform designed for organizations, maintainers, and contributors. Similar to an all-in-one open-source solution for organizing and tracking open-source projects and contributors.

Below is an image of an insights dashboard that keeps track of hacktoberfest Github topic

Challenge I faced at the my early stage

Undestanding the project:

It was difficult for me at first when I joined opensauced, and while it did not prevent me from working on features as they were allocated to me, I became confused at times with the solution we were developing. Given that I was new to opensource at the time, it only made matters worse for me. But I'm delighted I got to work with fantastic colleagues that promote progress, and I was able to have a clearer grasp within a few weeks of starting.

Building out Features while being a maintainer:

I joined opensauced after only four days as a contributor, indicating that I was a newbie at the time. I didn't know anything about operating an open source project. Maintaining the insight repository and assisting new contributors to get started was a problem for me in the beginning. All thanks to Brian Douglas for his mentorship and guiding materials he offered for me at my early stage, which helped shape my expertise of being a maintainer and assisting new and existing contributors get along with the project

Some Though Problems Encountered

Rounding contributors avatar on nivo scatterplot chart: github-realted-issue

  • Solutions: This issue persisted for a few months as we employed a fallback cloudinary method to round pictures. But fortunately, I stumed upon an article outlining how to edit svgs, and this was how I came up with the answer to the rounded picture problem in this pr


In summary, my participation in developing OpenSauced's design system required strategic planning, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence. The successful application of the design system has not only raised the visual identity of our projects, but has also encouraged a more streamlined and effective design and development process. I had a fantastic time at opensauced, and it was a moment in which I literally 100xed my developer skills. Not only did I learn how to address complex challenges, but also how to communicate them and suggest solutions to other team members and contributors.

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